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Release, Relax, Unwind

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I believe people should be participants in their own journey.  


Whether you are here for Reiki, Spiritual Insights, Soul Readings or just to hang out, you are encouraged to participate in creating the experience you wish to have.  Let’s do this together for goodness sake! Creating your experience can be fun! Together we can incorporate words, prayer, meditation, sound healing, spiritual healing, drumming, journeying, and many other processes to create a spiritual journey that celebrates your individuality and supports healthy change.


I believe lasting change happens when we actively take part in and embrace that change, so we work together to find healing solutions for supporting a spiritually healthy life.  Change should be exciting and fun.   It should be a breath of fresh air and a confirmation that we are meant to grow and evolve.  


It is my pleasure to celebrate the expression of self and encourage others to lower the masks they wear in the “real” world so they can evolve into  more authentic representations of themselves...beautiful beings of light and love.

“You must let what happens happen. Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.” 

― Michael Ende, The Neverending Story



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Bets has more than 20 years experience in public speaking.  She has been called to speak throughout Southern California and Western Pennsylvania about Parenting, Homeopathy, Self Empowerment, Thickling The Vague Nerve, Natural Health options, Home Schooling, and The Power of I AM Statements.


Reiki is a natural and safe method of relaxation which supports the body's ability to heal.  Reiki supports the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki supports a sense of relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing.  It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


Drumming is a great workout for your brain and, get this, it can actually make you smarter!  For real! When you drum you access your entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres.

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