Classes and Retreats

Mid-Summer Reset, 2020!

A Retreat for your Mind, Body, and  Soul

Two dates and locations to choose from... 

August 1 & 2, 2020

Center of Harmony, Harmony, PA


August 14 & 15, 2020 

Grace Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, CA

If you would like to bring this retreat to your location... contact us!


Pull yourself out of your day to day routine and hit the reset button …

it’s time to recharge your mind, body, and soul.


It is absolutely no secret that most people are affected by anxiety and/or stress in one form or another. I mean, get real, even the coolest cucumber has a stressful day now and then. 

Let’s hit RESET for real! You’re gonna love it!

Feel the stress of the work week willingly melt away with laughter, journaling, self healing tools, yoga, meditation, music, and optimizing all the amazing qualities you have.

Each day begins with an introduction of a new skill set designed to help you recognize how truly amazing you are and how much value your hopes and dreams have. We follow these skill sets with activities which help to solidify your understanding of who you are and how you can forge a path toward attaining your goals. We strip away self doubt and patterns which have led you to believe you are not meant to dream big and we absolutely crush those patterns to help your find ways to support your new understanding of how cool and amazing you are. 

In fact, we GIVE you ways to support that new amazing you! 

How awesome is that?

Jump feet first into a comfortable, welcoming and accepting atmosphere where you will have to opportunity to sit back and recognize how awesome you are!

This really IS about you! 

Change your life and watch the universe change around you.


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