Baby Steps...

This is an exciting time!  

If you haven’t looked at a recent email from me you might not know that the most amazing thing is happening.   

I have pulled together some really awesome women 

to help me create a life changing experience in July.  

The venue has been rented, the speakers have been booked, the schedule is completely packed with relaxing, self centering, and soul hugging activities, and tickets are being sold.

It’s time to RESET!

Since October of last year I have had one goal in mind…. Well…. Two goals, but I’ll talk about the first one today.   I had a lovely plan to create large events to connect like minded humans to themselves and to one another.   

It was a goal.  It’s now becoming a reality.   

In fact, the retreat I held at The Spirit Garden in January was all about manifesting the future we want to live.  The first half of the day was designed to help each person in attendance look at what they really wanted in their lives and then plan how to attain those things.  It was such a powerful experience.  There were tears and laughter…well, a LOT of laughter, as always, but mostly there was a cool vibe of self awareness going on.   It was so amazing… like ten majestic birds taking flight!  

I LOVE my “job.” 

In the late afternoon all of that laughter, all of the tears, all of the plans and self love, and all of the dreams of flight went into creating vision boards.   Whoa…. So amazing.  While each of these beautiful majestic beings created a vision board to inspire them to view and value their goals, I did too.  I take part in most of the activities during retreats… it’s kind of like a Chef tasting all his/her food before it leaves the kitchen…  I wanted to make sure all the teaching I did early in the retreat worked. 

Ummm… yeah… it worked. 

That retreat has kept my motivation up and I am more dedicated than ever to promoting a whole lotta self love out in the world.   WOW!

It starts with me. 

Setting goals is great.   How we engage with our goals really determines our success with them.  We can set goals all day long but if we do nothing to attain those goals they become fleeting thoughts.   

Attaining goals requires baby steps at most. Seriously.  

If we start with one small thing, what we wish for our future gets closer and closer with each new day.   If you want to write a book, jumping in head first may not be the best first step.   Start carrying a notebook with you to jot down ideas.  Maybe just start by making a point to recording your thoughts on your phone or start by cleaning your office so creativity can happen in there.  Baby Steps.  If writing your book hinges on whether you have Tuesday mornings open, start by rearranging your schedule. 

Small Steps Manifest Big Dreams. 

When I moved to PA I had a dream of turning my property into a retreat center.  Over this past year that has become a reality.  

Holy Woot!   

A whole lotta Baby Steppin went into that manifestation!  

It’s time for something bigger.  It’s time to expose people to the teachings and ideas of some truly extraordinary women and open doors to balance, self love, calm, and confidence.   It’s time for the Mid-summer RESET! 

Look, Ma’… I manifested A RETREAT! 

I’m beyond excited and I want to share this with you.   On Saturday July 27th and Sunday, July 28th I will be in The Opera House in Harmony, PA welcoming people from Western PA, Eastern, Ohio, Southern California…. Well…. Everywhere….. to an amazing experience that is sure to create community and help everyone in attendance look at their lives in a more loving and supporting way.  


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