BE The Change You Wish To See in 2021

Hello lovelies!!

We made it! It is the end of 2020 and the beginning of a whole new year!


I am sure by now you have a mental list of all the things you wish to see change in 2021. Maybe you even wrote it all down…. One item at a time!

I am right there with you!

We humans are funny that way.

It seems we spend a lot of time looking at each new year as though that initial date will be the beginning of something new and exciting.

When we really look at it…..

it’s just a date.

It is a date which follows the date at the end of the previous year.

January 1st is a continuation of time.

The only thing that makes it new and exciting is the meaning we put behind it. WE control the importance of any one particular day.

So as we look at our lists and our plans for 2021, what is it that we will change? What will we work toward?

Here we go…. Emotional ownership time.

Lists are a beautiful thing. I love lists. They keep me on track. They help me to keep track of all that needs to be done. And when the things on the lists are time sensitive…. those lists hold the key to planning my days… my life.

But lists mean absolutely nothing if I don’t do anything on them.

In order for a list to really work in my favor I must actually work toward finishing the items on that list. We all have to make decisions. We have to choose to succeed. We have to take real pleasure in completing tasks and placing a check mark next to the line items.

Bottom line…In the end…. Your success comes down to choosing to accomplish your goals.

It has nothing to do with a special date.

It’s all about choice. It’s all about YOU!

While New Year Resolutions can be on the list….you can make them any day of the year. You can show great resolve and dedicate yourself to accomplishing your goals on the 2nd, 3rd, March 16th, June 12th….. any day. Your new year can start on May 1st!! You can also start, take a break, and then finish the task at a later date.

You choose.

So as we start our new year… as we start 2021…think of your list. Make a choice. Will you accomplish your goals? Will it be today? Will it be this year?

Choose and stick to it.

Do it for you.

Do it because your list matters and your goals are golden.

You got this!

Make a choice.

Be the change you wish to see in 2021.

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