Unleash Your Inner Beauty!

Updated: Oct 4, 2018


 To embrace change and all the energetic flow that comes with it, I decided to dive right into one of the most time consuming projects known to modern humans.... I have been updating my website.   

It is so exciting to see all the pages change and become something new!   I feel like I am the butterfly seeing it's wings emerge for the first time.  I've updated a lot of things and added some incredible new modalities as well.  One of the additions is something I have become increasingly excited about.... drum circles. 

I had the amazing privilege of attending an awesome retreat this summer, Jim Donovans Rhythm Revival at the Blue Heron in New York.   I met Jim at his Drum Circle training last year and knew this revival was going to be amazing.   Trust me, I was not disappointed.  From dancing around a bonfire to shamanic journeying, to live drumming to eating the most incredible food EVER, this was by far the best summer trip I have taken. 

My favorite part?  Drumming.  Who knew? 

You see, I am not the drummer in my family.   My husband is.   He can play a drum kit like nobody's business.  But I never really felt comfortable drumming.  It's just one of those things that didn't seem to come naturally.  Ha... that makes me laugh now.  Somehow when I picked up my first djembe I was hooked.   I am not the best drummer in the world.... I have difficulty keeping a steady beat to tell you the truth....but the freedom I felt when I played that djembe was beautiful.  I just let go and played.  I didn't over analyze my playing, I didn't worry about who could hear me, I was not concerned that my left hand was just alittle slower in the delivery of a drum hit....it was as if the music had always been there and I just needed the permission to let it out.  It was so relaxing.  It was  incredible. I just let my hands fly... drumming as if no one could hear. 

Even now I have no fear and no concern about whether I am doing it "right."    It just feels so good! 

I decided I must share drumming with everyone I can.    Drumming in a circle is absolutely the way to do it.  In a drum circle people can feel safe, play games, play drums, and let go of the fear of being noticed.   It is the perfect place to let down our guard, drop our every day masks, and feel the rhythm that is in each and every one of us.    This rhythm comes from within.  It pulsates and vibrates continuously, animating our lives and allowing us to adapt to our world.  Expressing that rhythm is a gift.

I want to share the incredible feeling of expressing our inner rhythm. 

Many of you know that my main mission in life is to help as many people as I can recognize and embrace their beauty.  When people truly understand their beauty they flourish and that is the most amazing thing to witness.   I encourage you to see how drumming, specifically in a drum circle, can help you unleash your inner beauty. 


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