Grab A Drum And Celebrate!

I lived behind a mask for years as I fought to be anything but a psychic medium.  I wanted to be “normal”.   In other words, I wanted to be like everyone else. 

Conformity was Queen and I wanted that crown!  

You know the mask I’m talking about?… The one we put on when we feel we shouldn’t wear bright colors and big prints…The one that slides over our faces when we feel we shouldn’t laugh out loud in a crowd…The mask that stops us from dancing down the aisles of the grocery store…That silly mask that tells us it’s not OK to have our own opinions...The mask that stops us from taking a million selfies on the days when we think we look hot! 

Get the picture?  

It’s the mask that covers the authentic you and suppresses it 

so others believe you are just like them. 

And who doesn’t want to fit in?  It’s cool to fit in!  It’s fun to feel like we are part of a group.  And check this... we are so amazing that we can create our own personal mask to ensure we can fit into a group.  

That’s talent! 

Masks are the representation of who we believe we should be if we want to be accepted by the people around us.   They create a socially pleasing picture for others to assess.  They appear to keep us safe in social situations as they are meant to help us conform and fit in.   But there is a flip side.  Wearing a mask can literally make us ill.   By hiding who we are and not expressing our authentic feelings we can become riddled with anxiety and stress.  

Masks suppress our creativity.  

Masks suppress our ability to express ourselves.   

Masks control our ability to love ourselves and the people around us.   

Constantly holding in our true feelings can cause resentment and create rifts in our personal relationships.  This leads to isolation and, again, stress. Not only that, by suppressing our authentic selves we create a duality within ourselves.  This causes us to dislike our authentic selves because we just want to be like everyone else and it’s hard to be two people at once.  This will, you guessed it, cause more stress.  


Mask = Stress + Stress + Stress...

Holy Moly!   Here we are trying to protect ourselves from the stress of being different and we have created new layers of stress!   

So what happens when all that stress starts getting the best of us?  Well, stress can cause all sorts of problems. It has been proven to contribute to obesity, heart disease, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma....and more.  Aside from all the physical issues, stress can make us pretty darn sad and/or bitter.   Life isn’t as fulfilling as it should be when we are sad or bitter. In fact, life can become a real drag. 

Let’s thank the mask for all it’s help, honor it, and then set it free.  

We will all be happier.

It’s ok if you have a mask.   I will love you anyway.  But will you love YOU? 

My ultimate goal is to help you love the person behind the mask.  You are worth it. The first step is figuring out who you are.  The easiest way to figure that out is to drop your mask. 

Show me your mask…. And I will show you the beautiful person behind it.  

If you’ve been reading the last few emails, you have learned that I am working a lot with percussion now.  Drumming has become a modality I have embraced over the last year.  Its results might shock you.  Drumming stimulates the vagus nerve, helps with communication between the brain hemispheres, helps with memory recall, and strips away masks... no joke.  In fact, drumming has been known to strip away a whole mess of masks.     

I am all about living a mask-free life so dancing, drumming, singing, and toning are celebrated here.  Meditation, expressions of love, singing bowls  and mantras are also celebrated here.... a lot.  

What else is celebrated here?  

Your journey. 

Grab a drum, experience the journey to a mask-free life, and celebrate! 


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