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Updated: Oct 4, 2018


Recently I have had moments…actually, on some days it has been hours….when spirit urges me to listen and write….. “right now.” 

It’s quite a sight when this happens.  In fact, while in a frenzy of trying to listen to spirit and live my calling I am frequently laughing at my very human self. 

It has been a crazy ride these last few weeks.  Messages from spirit have come almost constantly.  They come in the form of pictures and words and they come FAST.   If you had been sitting in a lounge chair outside my home, popcorn in hand, watching me, you would have had the show of a lifetime.  At times it is difficult to escape spiritual communication and spirit speaks a bit faster than I can type or write. You can imagine the papers being thrown about, the exclamations of, “slow down!”, and the hands to my head as I tried to keep all the information in there.   A sight, indeed. 

Spirit will talk any time of the day or night.  When spirit talks at night I barrel out of bed in a desperate hunt for a pen and paper, and during the busy moments of the day I detour to a place where I can apply ink to anything that will accept it.  I obediently give written form to inspiration…inspiration from spirit…whenever possible.  My phone is even ready to record my thoughts while driving or when otherwise unable to write.  When words don’t seem to cut it, drawings and scribbles put pictures to thoughts I can not describe.  

When Spirit Speaks, it is time to listen.

As many of you know, I write notes about clients before they arrive for sessions.  It’s my way of keeping the information that comes from spirit pure and ego free.   If I have no one sitting in front of me while I am looking for answers, all I hear is spirit and all I see is the possibility of my client’s happiness.  

What I have found is that the notes are written like a story that begins with the reason the client needs to talk.   It may have nothing to do with what the client believes the reason is.  How the story proceeds will depend on what the client is going through at the time, but generally it will proceed with mention of a family member and then move swiftly into what the cause of the client’s issue is.  When I read the notes to the client they tell a story which takes form during the session.  The wisdom within that story unfolds and presents itself slowly and with a significant amount of depth.  The story is for the client and about the client.   It is offered by spirit and presented to help the client make choices. 

It occurred to me that all these, “write right now,” moments I have been getting from spirit lately are just like notes taken before clients arrive for sessions. The words I am urged to write tell a story.   It has a beginning, a middle, and a horizon of vast possibility.  It is a story which I have been writing down for weeks, but spirit has been writing since before time.  It is a story of life… a story of spiritual awakening… and a story of beauty beyond words.  

You want a shock?  

Some of the most beautiful pieces 

acknowledge that humans are meant to change the story. 

It’s time to make choices.  

Envisioning the path is as important as walking it.   Yes, our story has been written and is continually rewritten, but what if the messages we all receive are given to us so that we might Imagine the outcomes we wish to see? What if the stories handed down to us from spirit are meant to direct us on a path of our own choosing?

Spirit supports us with the tools we need to experience  the horizons we dream of.  Manifestation is one of those tools.  Manifesting is the act of using our imagination to envision the life we want and making the belief in that life so real that we bring it into being.  

By listening to the stories we receive from spirit and using the information in those stories to  manifest the lives we want, we co-create our lives with spirit.  

Wow, what a beautiful thing.

Actively manifest the future you dream of.

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