Hold Onto Your Hope

It is a beautiful fall day complete with wind and leaves blowing about the ground. That cool crisp air is so exciting… it tells Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tales… It tells of long walks with hands held, lighting candles, and wood stoves. That cool crisp air tells tales of spring coming just around the corner and rebirth just out of reach.

This cool crisp air tells of true stories of patience and perseverance.

It is fall.

Get ready for rebirth.

This last weekend was the first of many retreats on the land Earth is lending to me…. Crystal Camp.

It was powerful.

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with 14 amazing humans and a forest full of tales of it’s own. Rock walls, basements from 1850 homes, spring water bubbling from the ground, Earth energy we all marveled at, and freedom worked together to create a magical weekend.

Crystal Camp was scheduled at the urging of my good friend, Margey. We agreed that people needed an opportunity to connect with the vibration of nature in a non-judgmental and free atmosphere. We felt that bringing together more esoteric practices to a general everyday interaction with nature would be welcomed and embraced.

We were absolutely right.

At the time we planned it, Covid 19 wasn’t something hitting the news. When the economy was shut down and people like myself, who make a living interacting directly with people, were no longer allowed to work, I was determined to celebrate nature at Crystal Camp with whomever would like to attend. It wasn’t a determination built on financial need… it was a determination built on the understanding that separating us from one another and from nature would do extensive harm… and I was determined to bring hope.

Hope showed up like crazy.

Humans need other humans. There…. I’ve said it. We need one another. For real. It’s time we face that.

Without one another we lose hope.

We had no idea Covid 19 would create an even greater need to experience the beauty of other human beings and the connection we all have to nature, but it did. If we can be thankful for anything that illness has brought, a deeper appreciation of the connection to others is absolutely one of them. I doubt any of us will take one another for granted any time soon.

I certainly won’t

At Crystal Camp we laughed with one another, shared tales of our own, meditated in harmony with one another, laid down on the ground near crystal grids, and celebrated our creativity and vulnerability. We smiled with one another, cried with one another, explored our curiosity with one another, and supported each other on our journeys. In short… we loved one another.

We are human. We are hope.

Rebirth is coming.

Hold onto your truth.

Just as in any birth, things are not always easy…but we persevere. We move through the beauty and challenge of the fall and we endure the winter to come once again to the light and freshness of spring. Birth.

Spring is coming.

Hold onto your tribe. Hold onto your hope.


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