I'm Listening!


Exciting times!   

It’s a time of change and transformation.  It’s a time of self realization and focus.  It’s a time of popcorn and candy bars.  

For Real!  

It’s time to immerse yourself in all the beauty of that well cast, cinematic extravaganza called your life!  BAM! 

Jump in your jammies if you want to!  Get comfy!  But whatever you do… don’t miss a minute of all that life has to offer you.  

You are the the star of your story.  Being present is essential. 

I’ve had some amazing interactions within meditation and journeying over the last couple months.  And… coincidently… these last couple months have been full of gargantuan shifts in my life.  It’s funny… spirit seems to get louder when my life becomes more challenging.  Have you ever noticed that in your life?  

Let me tell you what I mean. 

I have homeschooled all of my kids and I am now at the point where all my kids are either in traditional schools or are in the workforce full time.   Imagine having 24 years of activity swirling around you and involving you and being orchestrated by you…and suddenly you are alone in a house that only makes sounds when the mice are running through the walls (for reals).   Don’t get me wrong… I love mice…. But the loneliness has been a challenge for me. 

Now rewind to about 1 year ago when I was lamenting that I had multiple books to write and no time to write them.   I lamented to anyone who would listen about how my time was not my own and that I was such a creative person but had no time to be creative because I was literally in the car for 1-6 hours A DAY driving people around to all the places where they could be creative.  

So back to present day…I have been fighting what seems to be an unending battle with the bees, yellow jackets actually, from the surrounding land.   They have been finding all sorts of ways to get into my house and succeeding in driving me absolutely crazy.  I have been moving from room to room, with caulking gun in hand, filling holes of all shapes and sizes and trying desperately to get these bees to stop coming in. 

It’s not like I don’t ever see bees in here. 

Bees have been entering the home during sessions over the last couple months…particularly when the clients were in need of nudging.  Every one of these clients needed to pursue their creativity and the bees were telling us that.  But it has literally been 1 bee at a time.  Now… I am seeing up to 10 bees in the house on any given day.  

Seeing and hearing. 

This is funny to say now but until a couple days ago I was simply not getting the point.  I was growing more and more annoyed and not looking at the movie all around me.  

This is my cinematic extravaganza at this time…. 

I am frequently the only human in the house.   

I am the only one these bees are interacting with.   

I am the only one sealing holes and tracking the bees.   

The more quiet the house is the more they buzz in my direction.  

They seem to be here for ME!  

On top of this…8-10 crows were in my yard a few days in a row.   They would show up on the side of the house where animals tend to leave me messages…. And do nothing but stand there … cawing!   They did it again this morning.  

They seem to be here for ME!

LOL …ok.   I’m listening. 

So…when looking at animal symbolism, and in this case, insect symbolism,  the presence of so many bees represents:

blessings (well that’s a new way to think of bees in your house), 

productivity (gotchu…”busy as a bee”) , 

creativity (nice) , 

psychic energy (LOL) , 

and rebirth (ooo… I like that one).

Crows symbolize: 

Light Magic (Super Cool) 

Personal transformation (I am so ready for that) 

Amplifying your ability of sight (I’m seeing a trend) 

And Manifesting desires (Woot!) 

Plus… Crow is a messenger bird.   Crow shows up whenever I need to start paying attention to messages other animals and people (and insects in this case) are sending.   Crow has always had my back on this… crow rocks the clear communication skills. 

A year ago I stated I needed time to write my book and now time has been given.   I stated I was full of creativity and needed time to be creative.   Time to be creative has arrived. Yes… I miss my family, but I’m all about the positives here ( you know me).  A whole lotta what I asked for has arrived and has been gifted to me and it’s time to see it. 


With the coming of the bees and crows I made a choice to watch and listen to my story.   I grabbed my popcorn and my jammies and said, “show me what my life is telling me right now.”   Then, as if by magic, the movie which is my life became apparent. 

(Behind the scenes Bee and Crow symbolically gave each other an energetic high five.)   Message received. 

Now is my time.   Now is when I turn on that light magic and see all my blessings.   Now is the time to manifest my desires, turn on the creativity, and get productive.  Now is the time to witness my rebirth, popcorn in hand, by connecting to spirit, allowing the psychic energy to flow, and boosting that energy to see clearly.    I gotchu Crow!  

I’m listening. 

Where are your messages coming from?  It’s time!   Listen!  The beings or things which are causing you the most aggravation are probably the things presenting your message to you.  Are you listening?  Put on those jammies, get relaxed, and allow yourself to see your life unfold!



Popcorn in hand, step into that movie and become! 


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