Living In Gratitude

A Time of Gratitude.

Winter brings with it the most beautiful blanket of white. Puffy white flakes of snow floating gently to Earth is one of my favorite things in the world! I can sit for hours watching snow fall. It's relaxing and inspires contemplation.

I have always loved winter. Winter is a gift.... a time of rest. It is a time of gratitude... a time of meditation and reflection.

To help you on your journey back to the birth of Spring I wish to gift to you a vocal meditation.

This vocal meditation is meant to inspire you to reflect on your inner beauty.

Say it out loud daily or whenever time permits... especially when the snow is falling gracefully to Earth

The Water of Life A Vocal Meditation ­ Bets Danko

I am floating on the waters of life

Blending my life, as I have always done,

In the currents of it’s flow

Illuminating my life from within

In brilliant color I trace the whole of my physical body

With fluid strokes

Presenting form to fluidity,

I become the water

The colors of my life Flow gently across the Earth

Cleansing Earth and connecting all of creation

Encircling it with my love

In the holiness of my heart

I am conscious of the music Of the waters of life

Conscious of the harmonies

Conscious of my part in it’s flow

The music is the illumination of the water

The harmony is the colors of my life

The current is the pulsation of life

The orchestration is my path

I Am the spirit of the water of life I Am the vibrancy of the light that shines within and without I Am the beauty and the brilliance of the color that connects us all

I Am the waters of life

(Take three deep breaths. ) (You may say this vocal meditation as many times as feels right for you.)


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