From Drum Circles To Holy Fire Reiki!

Updated: Oct 4, 2018


From Drum Circles to Holy Fire Reiki these last 12+ months have been full of mind blowing changes and additions.

I have met the most amazing humans, connected with spirit in ways which continue to humble me, and understood my journey on a deeper level than I have before.   One of the many highlights involved an amazing group of women who attended classes here in the spring of this year.   They inspired me in so many ways.   Their purity of spirit, their hunger for knowledge, and their honesty were so beautiful.  As many of you may know, I teach many classes here.  I teach modalities in which I was trained and I try to stay true to the material as I train others. But... in the course of these classes I found these women were not satiated by the material.  They were thirsting to understand the spiritual level of healing and how they could embrace it and become conduits for it.  While the teachings were direct and thorough, there was room to impart my own I did...but only in the context of the teaching.  In other words, I was not teaching how I work with people... I was teaching how the creators of those modalities work with people.  As a result, the question which was asked numerous times in these classes was,  "but what do YOU do?" At the urging of these lovely women of spirit I have put together a series of retreats to support you, nurture your spirit, and feed your souls... and ... help you to understand what I do by opening your hearts to embrace the beauty which is within you. Each one day retreat features meditations and teachings which come directly from the heart. I have never featured any of my teachings in my classes before so it is my pleasure and honor to present them to you. Each one day retreat is 9Am to 5PM at The Spirit Garden, between New Castle and Butler PA, near McConnell's Mill State Park. One Day Retreat Dates: October 6th, 2018 - Communicating With Spirit November 10, 2018  - Protecting The Temple: The Art Of Cleansing The Energetic Field December  8th, 2018 - Discovering The Soul: Artistic Expressions Of The Divine In You January 5th, 2019 - Spiritual Vision Boards: The Path To Becoming Save the dates... 5 Day Retreat February 27th thru March 3rd, 2019 - Connecting With The Masterpiece: You - A submersion into the beauty of spirit through Art, Music, Meditation, and Spiritual Healing.  Complete details for this 5 day retreat will be available October 2018

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