So, I Screamed At God

Decide to be Empowered!

There are times when it just feels like we are bracing for change. When I say “bracing,” I mean “BRACING.” It’s almost crazy how we somehow instinctively believe that holding on tight and preparing for a wild ride will keep us safe.

Not all change requires a drivers license.

Change is inevitable for we humans. We are guaranteed it will happen… at some point. Like, every moment before and after birth. It’s the issue of not knowing what the heck that means that drives us to hit the panic button and start bracing.

I know this all too well.

Years ago I had a screaming match with God. Well… truth be told… It wasn’t a match…I screamed and I am pretty sure the I AM listened.

Change was coming and I had planned that change down to the smallest detail. I was so on it! I had dates, times….you name it… I had planned it. But the energy animating my world thought it would be a lot more fun to allow things to be fluid and seemingly unknown.

In other words…no matter how much I planned, things were going to happen in their own time.

What the heck?

You see… I was supposed to move from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania… with children, animals, a husband, and a new mortgage. There was no room for fluidity. I had a plan and change was coming.

I was given all sorts of signs that everything was fine and we would have a home and all that comes with it…but my plan was not indicating ANYTHING was going to work out. One thing after another fell through…

and although I had faith that we would all be ok….

I had no idea what that meant and I was terrified.

I wanted to be master of the definition of, “OK,“ but that’s not how it works. You see… you can be living under a tree and be ok. You can scoop your water from a creek or pick wild plants to eat and be ok. But I didn’t want to live under a tree. I like trees and could certainly live under one, no problem, but I didn’t want that. I didn’t WANT that.

So I screamed at God.

Now… when I got to the point of screaming out my case to Source I basically wanted an answer “RIGHT NOW.” But talking with the Almighty doesn’t always get you answers straight away.

Sometimes you have to wait.

And here we are again… waiting.

Understand what I am saying. My biggest fear was that life would not look the way I wanted it to look. My fear was that change would take me out of control of my life. My fear was that my form of OK was not the form of OK I was gonna get.

Sound Familiar?

One of the biggest illusions we have about ourselves is that we are in control.

These last few months, like my timeline 9+ years ago, have been dripping with change… change we didn’t knowingly ask for. They have been super saturated with lessons on faith and trust… while we sit crying in a world of our making …begging for answers outside of ourselves.

Change has come…change is here…. Change is coming.

We are ducking and dodging change as best we can.

But one can not duck and dodge oneself.

Listen well… to make it through this time with grace… we must embrace the change.

You have control over how you interact with your world.

I say that we are in a world of our own making because when you believe you are living in chaos, you ARE living in chaos. When you believe everything is completely screwed up, everything WILL be completely screwed up. If you believe your life is out of control, your life WILL be out of control.

Your beliefs paint the story of your life. What you believe will be.

It is time to honor the fear of the unknown and have faith that we will all be ok. That means having the faith that you will have the ability to live relatively challenge free… no matter what that looks like. I know that “OK” means something different for everyone, but having faith that your form of “OK”is what is coming will help you cope through the change.

You are so flipping strong… I am so serious… times 10.

And resilient! Holy Cannoli! You are SOOO Resilient.

You have a power in you that is absolutely unmistakable. It is the power to change your thoughts and change your life. You don’t need to scream at God… you got this!

Yes…. Change is here.

Do not be afraid.

You control how you respond.

Decide to be empowered.


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