The Silver Lining


What has the pandemic done for you?

I know… what a way to lead into the news of the day, right?

I am sure you have learned by now that I am always looking for the positives. To me, there is indeed a silver lining. This period from mid March to mid June has not been an exception.

Over the last several weeks, after having all of my retreats, singing engagements, drum circles, and appointments cancelled, I found the drive to do something I had been planning on doing for years. I started looking for ways to take all of my courses and writings online. That pesky little virus provided me with the necessity I needed to bring that dream to life…for sure.

In comes the silver lining.

The shutdown of our economy allowed me the time to learn how to get my teachings online.

Can you see the sparkle? …of the silver lining?

I found all the information I needed for free - on-line. It was intense. There was a huge learning curve but I was dedicated and driven by necessity. Now I am working up to 14 hours a day…. Creating a website, migrating all my Spirit Garden data, solidifying all my course content, and actually learning how to do all of this myself.

There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed. There are blocks of hours when I can not seem to figure out how to get my email accounts on my phone. There are times when the technology terms leave me completely stumped. But I push through because I am driven by necessity.

Teaching is a necessity.

Income is a necessity.

Inner peace is a necessity.

The first things to go online?

Check this…

1) Becoming! A Monthly Membership - The monthly subscriptions are a no-brainer. With clients spread out around the world I was looking for ways to keep the community connected while providing continual content for strengthening the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies and living more spiritual lives. An online membership was the ticket.

2) Mid-Summer Reset! On-line - An online retreat…also a no brainer. The live Reset! will be happening in Harmony, PA on August 1 and 2, 2020. My live presentations from Reset! will be recorded and placed online. Additional content will be recorded separately and packaged with the live content to create a two day experience that anyone can experience from home - all over the world. Downloads of meditations, challenges, and journaling prompts will all be available to participants in the Reset! On-line to create a complete experience. What’s super cool about this year in particular? People who attend the live event will have access to the recordings and materials online.

Super Cool.

In the midst of all this planning I called together a group of spectacular people to help me sort through my thoughts and ideas (there were too many to keep track. LOL). One of the things we discussed was creating, “Reset! In A Box.” This is a supplemental box which may eventually be an option for people attending the Reset! On-line from home. It’s an awesome box filled with essential oils, journal, lavender eye pillow, and more. The thought is that this supplemental box will help to optimize the online experience. Woot!

And there’s more!

Silver linings and necessity got me here. There was no downtime. There was no option for downtime. My silver lining over the last couple months has been having the time to pursue what I knew was possible. My necessity came from needing a purpose when my community closed around me and needing to find new ways to get my message out… while needing an income to support my family.

Did you find your silver lining?

Here’s the key… the silver lining is the flip side to what you see as a challenge. It is always there… we just program ourselves to not see it.

We focus on fixing the challenge rather than seeing how the challenge might help us. When you are trying to find your silver linings… start small. Look at the little challenges and find the flip side. When you are upset about all the dirty dishes, your silver lining might be that you had the money to buy the food - Woot! When you are frustrated that you can’t get your flippin email to work on your phone (not that this happened to me) your silver lining might be that you will never forget how to fix that particular problem with your phone.

…And when an economic shutdown cuts off all your income… your silver lining might be that you can now fully follow your dreams.



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