You Are Defined By Your Magic

One of the questions people frequently ask me is, “How can I talk to my spirit guides?”   

The things is… we already talk to our guides.   

I gently submit a different question… 

“How can I hear when my guides are talking to me?” 

We live in such a sound heavy world.   There is a clutter of sound all around us…Cars, trucks, aircraft overhead, the local mine, the neighbors firing their guns, the local shooting range…

There is sometimes so much sound that it’s hard to hear… well, anything.

Sometimes spirit is basically yelling and we still do not hear.  It’s like there is interference but we somehow tell ourselves spirit is just not talking.  Did you catch that?   WE TELL OURSELVES spirit is not talking.  Sometimes…ego decides what is logical and tells us what we hear and when we hear it.   We become our own interference by deciding we are alone, that spirit is not talking. 

Uh… ok. 

So let me start this next point by telling you I was as normal as people get.  I was clear headed and very intelligent.   I worked with Wall Street. I was the Director of Finance for a few companies in Los Angeles. I was the Billing Coordinator for multiple movie advertising companies.   I was not what you would think of when you might hear the word, “psychic.”

My My My… how things change! 

After many years of being, “normal,” I had to face some very real truth.  Normal was not what I thought it was.  Normal had a life of its own.  Normal controlled me.   Normal in our society told me that I was not able to speak to spirit.   Normal taught me that if I was hearing things I was probably in need of psychiatric help.   Normal taught me that if I admitted that I knew things no one else could see, people were not going to look at me the same again.  

Normal taught me to turn off everything that was natural about communicating with spirit and adopt a filter that disconnected me from my natural connection to God. 

Ego taught me I was in control. 


If you wanna hear spirit you gotta respectfully quiet your ego. 

 If you want to hear spirit you have to respectfully allow yourself to be your own kind of normal. 

Our guides talk to each and every one of us all the time.   I am not unique.   Your guides talk to you.   Spirit talks to you.  You sometimes make decisions based on what you “understand” or “believe” you know.  Sometimes you don’t know why you do that.   

Ummm… it was probably spirit. 

While it’s pretty helpful to have someone teach you how to listen to your spirit guides… it’s not necessary to learn how to talk to them.   They are always with you.  They know what you are going through and they know what you are thinking.   Just ask your ego to be quiet for a moment…. And listen.

Oh what we can learn if we just listen. 

I listened to Spirit and this is what I heard... Excerpt from a channeling which applies to all of us - February 2019. 

Absent of mind and thought we search for the very meaning of who we are and why we landed on this planet.   The mysteries unfold before us and yet we wonder how things came to be. 

Stop looking beyond - stop looking without seeing.  The answers are available for those who will see. 

You are such a person. 

Stop wondering, “why?”  Know all the answers lie within you.  Remember the spider web.  You create/spin your world - it is all with purpose and consequences.  Choose wisely. 

Remove the clutter - see through clear eyes.   Judgement is for sorcerers.  You are defined by your magic.  Submit. 

You may not understand the path - follow it anyway. 

So, obviously my favorite line is...

“Judgement is for sorcerers.  You are defined by your magic.”

Meaning...If you are able to see what is “wrong” it is expected that you will fix it.  How you handle the responsibility will define you. 

Whoa!  Such responsibility! much possibility. 


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